Types of Animation Videos for Premium Brands

Our high-profile clients know exactly what they want. Every time they call us, they have their order ready in hands. Out of love, we have tried and tested many suggestions and executed lots of techniques as per their tastes.

The number of brands opting for video marketing has increased from 63% to 81% in a single year, which tells much about the power of videos. Animated and explainer videos topped the list of most sought-after video categories. Hence, we have summarized these vast number of options in animated videos for you.

Whiteboard animation

This is the classic form of explainer video mostly featured in black and white. It is a fast forward illustration using a handwriting on a whiteboard or any other surface.

Using a variety of options like placing picture and videos in between, it can easily convey your ideas in a story format with consistent action. Corporate giants and educational trainers go for this because of its most minimalist visuals that allows viewers to focus on the content. Be it a product, service or skill enhancement video, all fits well in whiteboard animation video.

Motion Graphic Animation

Want to create a character for your brand? Use motion graphics to pitch your message with right amount of engagement. This style creates a good flow of story using animated visuals with constant movement.

Brands like to opt for this type to refine their message into a 2D moving shapes format. Motion graphics work as both communication and a marketing tool.

Typography Animation

This type of video simply delivers its message through words. Also known as ‘Kinetic Typography’, this is a fastest video of all to keep the audience’s eyes on it. Some background animation or video clips are added along with relevant music to give a better felling of an ad.

Keeping the audience intrigued you can prove that sometimes the simplest can also be the best.

Paper Cut-out Animation

For showing moving characters using traditional method, this gives more of that feeling. It uses cut-outs of papers or fabric divided into tiny components and parts. To show a dancing girl, simply record the hand and leg movements. To show the working of a machine, record the movements of nuts and bolts!

It’s simply awesome in looks but it takes many efforts of creative professionals to build the same.

Cartoon Animation

Cartoons are the most neglected memories after childhood. But let us tell you, they work fantastically to convey your brand’s emotional message.

With innumerable choices of colors, music, elements, with a blend of adventure and humor, you can create an amazing story of your choice.

Live-Animated Video

When a single and simple style among all above gets boring, a mix is what you look up to. And a mix of animation and live action videos are nothing but perfect.

You get be personal and productive via live action part while getting illustrative in the animation part. What else can you ask for when you are trust-building and explaining facts, all through a single video?

Stop Motion Animation

You have characters or components drawn/animated digitally. You click pictures of their movement. When you’re done with all, you combine these together for a moving animation! Yay!

To create a long-lasting impact of customers, this is the most sought-after video by many corporates. But it’s really hectic to record 100s of changes in multiple frames to end up with only a few seconds of animation. It means that this requires a lot of determination and focus of the team.

Animated Infographic

Static images seem boring, and so do infographics. Let us pack all facts, statistics and trends into a compelling video.

Explaining features and working of a huge product like vacuum cleaner is hard. Apart from showing it’s working, it can be challenging to sum up the water level issues and installation in a huge image. Hence, it’s better to show a product in work, mix of animation and part statistics will keep the audience engaged.


The power of these animations is endless. And we love to shower complimentary benefits to our long-term associated clients. Be it 360 with 2D animation, live with whiteboard, 4k shoot with typography. We mix it, blend it and make it impressive, awe-inspiring and creative in its own way!

When a good strategy is planned with a pair of video types, the result is like no other!

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