Top Video Marketing Trends for 2021

Ever noticed how videos create a long lasting impact? Are visuals so powerful that they can’t let you take your eyes off them?

Well, if there’s anything that’s bountiful, it’s video for sure!

Research says, ‘people will spend more daily minutes watching video over the next few years than ever before’.

Allow us to take you through the list of video trends.

1. Shoppable Ads

Social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest host more product-related videos where users can see, feel and sense the products before buying.

Can you imagine this? You will be reviewing your product on youtube. Viewers might like the curtains and mattresses that you show. They will be able to hover over the product for knowing more details, options for buying them and what else? They’ll be just a click away from checking out!

“The future of shoppable TV is here,” said Dave Morgan, Founder of advanced TV ad provider Simulmedia. Its TV ads that drive awareness among the masses, while mobile ads are effective in informing and qualifying the users as leads. These shoppable videos will be trending soon with numerous possibilities.

For now, you can enjoy highlighting products in your video, along with a link for shopping.

2. Interactive videos

jungle book interactive video trends 2021

Have you seen the live action film teaser of Jungle Book? The promotion was a sneak peek to Disney’s upcoming movie where viewers could also click on it for learning more about the characters and see the making of the video without the blink of an eye!

Which means that interactive video allows the viewer to perform actions while they are actively viewing the content. This is the next step to achieve active participation from your audience. Here, you can give away a downloadable content, pop-up a coupon code or let them browse through a list of products to try on or you could also ask them yes/no questions and generate data for your own good.

This is what we’re really looking forward to.

3. Less is more

According to Forrester research, “A minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”. But this line is redefined now, as today’s digital enthusiasts have a lower attention span.

“If your message can be delivered in 6 seconds then, why not?”

said Nomit Joshi, director of marketing, Gionee.

Social media platforms like youtube introduced short 6-second video ads and the world went crazy behind it! With an affinity towards original/niche content, Indians are more inclined towards short videos because of these are best watched when in commute. Even when people are bored, be it during work timings or early mornings, what they do is pick up the phone, browse through stories, and leave it. This creates an amazing space for advertisers to create an impression.

Length of Online Ads in 2019 by Popularity- statistics for 2020

4. Silence please

Verizon Media states that 92% of people watch videos by turning off the sound.

Few years back facebook rolled out the autoplay feature for videos. This turned out to be a game changer as people kept watching videos without turning the sound on. Yes, sometimes silence is just more convenient.

Showing, not explaining, is the trend expected to evolve (more) next year. Once you know your audience, you can create a heap of videos right from make-up tutorials for selling make-up products to factory process for selling furniture works.

So, the key takeaway here is focusing on video captions and context quality in the video to accommodate such users.

5. 360° videos

Visuals where users can immerse themselves in a compelling environment is the idea behind making 360° videos.

Interactive 360° video is already a trend-setter. This, when adapted with AR/VR technology, will outperform everything else.

But you know what? These aren’t so easy to produce as you think. It takes real efforts, so its better you hire someone to make professional 360 video and reap the fruits.

Riding the wave with this technology, you can aptly show your customers how creative and ground-breaking you are! Let your customers experience you at their fingertips- be it a musicals, trainings, corporate culture or just a new location!

6. Face-to-face videos

Have you witnessed the major impact of video sessions during this covid-19 outbreak? 1-on-1 video communications are improving drastically via many applications like video interviews and virtual business meetings. Till date, Google, Zoom and many other competitors have been updating their services. Soon, there will be something more beyond the ability of talking virtually and sharing screens.

Customer service representatives can utilize this technique to walk through their customer’s problems via video. This will create a personal touch and make it easier for the customers to digest the information.

7. Training & learning videos

Apart from the surge in online teaching during this pandemic, it also transformed the routine in many companies that started work from home. Justifying the fact that businesses are always hiring new staff, 55% companies depended on training videos as a substitute for onboarding people working from home.

For most marketers, educational (how-to) videos remain one of the most powerful marketing tools in their overall business strategy. These are the ones which address customer problems clearly, explain the idea, and offer an end-to-end solution.

Some brands lead with entertainment, some with edu-tainment. The most important thing is to get specific with your context as audience is looking at you for skill-building, not with a buying perspective.

8. Vlogging

Vlogging is an evergreen filed open for all to explore, be it food professionals, retailers or small business owners. You have so many open platforms. Youtube, Instagram, snapchat, all have sophisticated vloggers. They diversify their content using links, live streams and ephemeral stories. Ephemeral, that exist only for a short period of time, are gaining prominence because they don’t require much editing. Shot in-the-moment, they’ve turned out to be excellent tool for celebrities, amateurs and big influencers alike.

Major platforms have included stories feature mostly because people watch it and leave it. They won’t be picky about the type and quality of videos. Viewers get some space to quickly have a look at what their presenters / personalities are up to.

Final Thoughts:

You’ve tried everything. But had your share of hard luck? No worries.

The ever-changing and ever-growing marketing world can demand a lot from you.

We are here to educate you about making a video, do’s and don’ts of video scripting, and exact type of video suitable for your products and services. 2020 being labelled as a bad year by many of us, and hence we all are hoping to give a bang this 2021.

Contact us if you are thinking of getting viral.

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