Top 10 Video Making Ideas for Your Company

There was a time when videos were considered a luxury. Now, it has become a part and parcel of marketing strategies.

Video is the most comfortable, sophisticated and the most effective tool to keep customers engaged. You may find it overwhelming when you’re stuck in choosing the types of video from, and that is why we have collectively listed out multiple video options for you!

Scroll down to select your next corporate video idea.


“About us” video:

  • Showcase any or all your unique dynamics like your happy clients, motivational team, life-in-a-day of someone, or work culture.
  • Your followers would also love to hear your real vibes via your employees’ words.
  • With Special Visual Effects, you can eliminate other noise and make a sublime corporate video from your own images and videos or by mixing them up with royalty free creatives.

“Funny company story” video:

  • People influence people. Whether its review or comment, honest response can create higher emotional intensity.
  • Take your humour outside the walls. Make an animated video turning your office into characters of a story!
  • Benefits of animated include no location-based shoots, no models required and not much goes into the making charges, saving your time too!

“What’s our secret sauce?” video:

  • Psssst… here’s some weird secret behind the making of new project!
  • Well, nobody can resist videos like these. Afterall, people can see what goes inside your pizza dough for instance.
  • Often composed of short snippets, our editing converts the complete raw video of 4 long hours into a personalized 4-minute video.


“Before and after” video:

  • Live action videos are here to put your project’s before and after photos, videos (and very long videos) into a small 2-min video.
  • The main advantages of live action reels are that they have an instructive tone, a humanising voice and personal touch.

“How would you solve this problem” video:

  • This type gives you a chance to target your tangential issues in knowledgeable ways. Your audience must be satisfied in the end learning a number tricks and solutions!
  • Add a dose of explainer video with a clear call to action. For products that aren’t easy to explain succinctly, these videos are particularly beneficial for customers who are in awareness stage.


“How to” video:

  • How-to videos are not limited to products. In fact, 60% of how-to videos revolve around styling, making or breaking stuff.
  • So, if you provide a service such as cleaning and transport services, why not record a video of how well you serve your customers with the utmost care?
  • This can be executed through whiteboard animation which will keep you audience hooked!

“How it’s made” video:

  • Show your entire set-up through a 360° walkthrough video, as these videos will hold much value in the upcoming years.
  • 360° Panoramic Videos will let the user walk across your manufacturing unit, factory or real estate property. Just one real shoot of the project, and you’re done.


“What are we going to do tomorrow?” video:

  • Keep updating your followers with what you are working up on via short ads.
  • People today spend 80% of their time watching videos over social media channels. To convert this audience, make use of all available video types. Try & see what works the best for you!


“Keep up your spirit with us” videos:

  • Motivational internal training videos are trending since the work from home craze. And these are useful not only for the new hires, but also to keep the spirit running among the current employees.
  • This would be best type of video which can be produced in lesser time, as the shooting and scripting needs are very basic; solely for the purpose of communicating the information.

“You can’t resist this offer” video:

  • Short teaser videos, which can be as short as 15 seconds in length are best chosen widely to spread a word about latest updates.
  • You can tease any content within it- blog links, events, books, podcasts or launch. As it’s not any kind of official video, you can also play around creating silent videos, blinking text with video captions, etc.
  • Existing content can be re-shared. New video can be completed in minutes starting from scratch. Most of the work happens in video editing phase and you save your time!

Videos and their benefits:

Hope you have enjoyed reading our list on essential Types of Videos along with their estimations for your business.

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