Challenges in video editing and post-production

Video production can indeed be creative and fun! But what if we say you have to be ready for a lot of challenges from start to end?

Most important task is to handle clients and emphasize their needs effectively. Many a times our clients have little to zero experience of shooting for a film and it’s our job to make them comfortable first.

Most of them become tongue-tied even after going well in front of a camera. At these times, we take a break, have a funny discussion or get a coffee break. Once we break the pattern, we return on sets and

Preparing set-up as per the scripting, arranging model’s timings, coordinating with the make-up artist and apparels team, and doing all this in given period of time is a big task in itself.

There are 3 major issues which need to be tackled for smoother post-production-

  • Sound

Almost all audio issues have to be handled at the set. Editing and fixing an audio file is challenging. On the contrary, we have innumerable tools for editing and enhancing videos. Background noises, hissing or humming can be eliminated, but we don’t have the luxury of editing abrupt audio clips.

For this the audio recording levels have to be balanced. The cameraperson and audio specialist present at the location must guide the client about sound pitches, volume of voice and speed of talking.

  • Shooting

Proper lightning is critical. At studio, we can utilize all the lights we have in the set-up. If we are filming at any factory, the natural lights coming from the windows are utilized. When shooting outdoors, we have to check the daylight, timing and location. In lighting theory, mixing of natural lights and artificial lights lead to disturbance in videos, as they ‘burn’ at different temperatures. To put it straight, natural light has blue tint while artificial lights tend to have red tint.

  • Poor cutaways

Video editing is most crucial of all stages. During the shoot, if proper cutaways are not recorded, it would give a rusted film look.

Actual arrangement of shots is the key to produce a scene in which time and space seem to be uninterrupted. Cutaways help in bringing life to videos, emphasizing details of the scene and imposing time control.

Sometimes the script or dialogues are changed halfway through. Sometimes scenes need to be re-taken a lot. Sometimes video editors find that shooting went off the track as compared with script.

Well, these common issues keep popping up during any video shoot, experienced video team have their hands set on eliminating errors, just like ours.

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