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26 YouTube Channel Ideas: Popular Niches That Makes Money (2021)

YouTube is the video search engine where people turn to for new language, software, music, news, or be it motivational talk. Right from being a pass time to a learning tool, it seems that people never got bored of this channel since it’s launch in 2005.

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This is it. You have a passion. And you have the guts to take that online to the millions of video watchers across the world. So, what do you have with you? Handy time after photoshop classes? Amazing skills of humour? Board of directors looking for unique ways of showing off your company talent? This is for you.

What types of channels can be created?

  • Educational & Training,
  • Product
  • Personal
  • Spiritual & Mental Health
  • Entertainment
  • Business

Turn your content ideas into playlists

Now is the time to select your sub-niche and create cool videos under it. It can be exploring product’s features or website stuff as per your type of niche. You can be businesswoman on break with daily cake baking tips. Just go on and show the people what you are best at!

1. Reviews:

  • About e-commerce deliveries
  • Interview someone for their business
  • Review top 10 marketing books
  • Compare trends

2. How to

  • Tips for digital marketing of your home business
  • How to keep kids busy with these activities
  • Balance your meals with protein + fibre + carbohydrates
  • Unique home décor ideas

3. Product:

  • My new phone review
  • My new make-up essentials trial
  • Little known tricks about our kitchen products
  • Features of all the electronics from our website
  • Unusual realities behind food products
  • Unboxing videos, which are extremely popular


  • My first impression about
  • My first day at work
  • My travel day #1
  • Discuss your days at work
  • Political views

5. Updates:

  • New game hacks
  • Latest movie updates
  • Humour/ stand up comedies
  • Song updates/lyrics/translations

6. Challenges

  • Unique 30-day breakfast ideas
  • Share your talent of drawing/painting or any artwork
  • Challenge other’s instructional videos, attempt their steps to show what works and what doesn’t

Get creative with different video themes

  • 30 second videos with only pre-shot video and static image clips
  • 30 second 2D animation videos
  • 30 second slow-motion videos
  • 1-minute videos with in-studio shoots
  • 1-minute videos with 2x fast effects
  • 2-minute animated explainer videos
  • 2-minute tour using 306 degree or Virtual reality technology
  • 5-minute live action videos
  • 10-minute videos including motion graphics and special effects.
  • Long 30-minute videos with in-detail explanations

Final Thoughts

If you are simply a youtuber who wants to see viral cat videos every now and then, thank you for reading. You can go back to your funny cat videos.

If you are a leader, we appreciate the energy you burn for running your business. If are deciding whether these types of videos can bring you bigger audience or not, do approach us for the best video editing services. We’ll take of all your online presence thereon! Want to know how? Drop us a hi on

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