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Why to choose ‘Ideas to Videos’ over other video making companies?

Type video production agencies near me on Google. We won’t be surprised if you get confused among thousands of companies to complete your video making needs.

Anyone can shoot and edit media nowadays using mobile phones and apps. But we create awe-inspiring output for you.

We are your Media Architects.

While every architect uses the same steel, cement and bricks to design the building, but very few manage to erect an awe-inspiring edifice.

Your shoot, images, information etc. are like steel, cement & bricks. When they enter our designing tools, magic happens.

We make eye-catching, awe-inspiring videos with respect to compelling evidence that videos do work in our interest.

Then what makes different than other video making companies across Pune?

video making company process in pune

Our 5-step process:

  1. Free consultation: Our expert video team gets in a brief discussion with you understanding your requirements in depth. This helps to deliver what your business needs to effectively communicate with your audience. We need to talk about key message, call to action and subsequent response to be given over the video. We will be discussing the platforms, creativity, amount of editing and types of videos that suit your objective.
    • So you need to define your objective:
      • Who is your audience?
      • What is your aim behind making this video?
      • What problems or issues will you solve?
  2. Pre-Production: This phase begins on signing the contract. We take this ahead by assigning your project to our videographers and scriptwriters. They communicate the story, roadmap, scripting, project plan, material, resources etc. with you. You’ll find this as the longest stage and it is so because pre-planning will guarantee you towards best outcome. Your headache ends here as our experts will take care of everything else from now.
  3. Production: Production stage includes setting up shoot location, setting up lights and camera and then recording the action elements like INTERVIEWS, MODELS, STAND-UPS, and other footage as required.  If you are going for video editing package including royalty free images and pre-shot video clips, all this time is reduced and the also video requires lesser time for completion! But yes, we always go an extra mile to make your video extra concise.
  4. Post-Production: Post-Production encompasses extra work like media changes, editing corrections and sound & color modifications. You name it, we do it. Voice-over, visual effects, special effects. Anything that makes your video better, we would repurpose it to generate more ROI.
  5. Delivery: We deliver high-quality end-product at your fingertips! We stay in touch for future needs, collaboration and networking! We love to build up our client base!

Our Qualities:

best video making company in Pune India
  1. We hate to offer only one option: Creativity is to put soul in your idea. We drink and breathe creativity. That is why we hate to offer one option to you. You deserve to explore thousand different ways to present your idea. We brainstorm and explore them with you before freezing the best option for your idea.
  2. We hate to say no: You may have an idea about video that is very challenging. But we hate to say NO. We love challenges. In fact we thrive on it. We go beyond standard options and make your imagination a reality. So, unless you ask us for time travel, we hate to say NO to almost everything else!
  3. We hate hidden costs: Words HIDDEN and COST look ugly together. All our packages come with detailed information about inclusions, exclusions and additional cost incurred if you opt for exclusions. We firmly believe that you should know the total cost at the beginning and not at the end of the project.

Known as best video makers for big brands and businesses across cities like Pune & Mumbai, we love to maintain our dignity and our words.

Our clients’ trust give us the feeling of one of the best corporate video production company in India. We are getting more and more creative because of your faith in us. Hope we keep receiving lots of love from you all.

-Thank you,

Ideas to Videos Team

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